Products / Lighting

Silver Bright、Specular Bright、Matt、Martellato、Rigato Satinox Dimension:Thickness From 0.3mm~1mm,Width in 1000mm or 1250mm
Office Lighting、Fluorescent Lamps、Outdoor Project 、Lamps

Anodizing Aluminium


The Aluminium, Whose Surface Is By PVD ,With> 95% Aluminium Coating、> 98% Silver Coating High Reflectance
Lighting Reflector、TFT Reflector LCD Monitor 、 Led Specular Aluminum metal core PCB

Highly Reflective Aluminium


Different Sizes Of Reflector Hood Standard Size And Special Design For Customer's Requirement
Project LampsˋStreet Lamps and Outdoor Lapms

Anodizing Aluminum Reflector


Various Surface Finished,Textured And Colored Aluminium,Thickness from 0.3mm~1mm,Width in 1250mm , Standard Size And Special Design For Customer's Re
Casing For 3C Products、 Labels、 Name Plate

Decorative Colorful Aluminium


PVD With Silver Coating For High Reflectance >98% High Sulfur Resistance

LED Specular Aluminium Board For PCB


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